Charming Holiday Home Logo Design, Pebble Cottage

Holiday Home Logo Design

We are excited to present our collaboration with Pebble Cottage Dunster, a project that showcases elegance and charm in every design detail. Our team created a sophisticated holiday home logo design for Pebble Cottage, featuring clean lines and refined typography that capture the essence of this cozy retreat. 

We have meticulously crafted every aspect, from powerful presentations to compelling branding elements, to ensure a memorable and engaging experience. Explore the unique charm of Pebble Cottage Dunster through our carefully designed branding and digital presence.

Logo Design & Full Brand Development

The holiday home logo design for Pebble Cottage combines elegance and simplicity, reflecting the cozy and welcoming atmosphere of the cottage. Its classy typography and sleek lines give off a sophisticated and timeless feel, making it versatile for different branding needs. Whether on illustrations, cushions, mugs, or other cozy items, Pebble Cottage's logos effortlessly adds charm to various items, enhancing the overall comfort and appeal of the cottage. This well-thought-out branding not only reinforces Pebble Cottage's identity but also guarantees a pleasant and memorable stay for its visitors.

Website Design & Build

Pebble Cottage's website combines charm and practicality, showcasing the delightful appeal of the cottage. With a cozy holiday home logo that captures the essence of country living, every detail has been carefully considered to ensure visitors have a smooth browsing experience. The design showcases the cottage's uniqueness, inviting guests to discover and reserve their stay at this picturesque retreat. All of this was accomplished on a limited budget for a small start-up.

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